San Antonio Accountants: The Importance of Ethics

Adhering to a high standard of ethics is essential for all accounting professionals. When you are looking for a small business accountant in San Antonio, make sure you are working with a firm that maintains a high level of integrity and client confidentiality. The team of San Antonio accountants here at FHKCPA complies with a professional code of ethics, which enables us to build trust with our customers by achieving business goals without compromising on integrity.
Accounting Ethics
The American Institute of CPAs has developed a set of guidelines and values that ensure public accountants maintain a high standard, regardless of where they practice. FHKCPA’s accountants have extensive experience working with a diverse set of clients, and continue to maintain a high level of ethical standards that comply with these guidelines. Our team demonstrates professional competence when dealing with clients, and abides by a company code of ethics as well.

Financial Reporting
San Antonio accountants serving small companies, corporations, and individuals need to make sure all reports and financial statements are accurate. Failure to do so can result in misrepresentation and fraud. Forensic accountants involved with reviewing and analyzing financial statements to detect fraudulent activities must also comply with ethical standards.

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